In 1992, the seeds of what was to become The Carpet Department had already been germinating for several years. It was becoming increasingly apparent to those of us involved that changes to the way in which the floor covering business is conducted were both vital and long since overdue. An industry which, as much as any other, is dependent upon the professional, quality installation of product had limped into the 'Nineties reliant on an uneven, patchwork system of subcontractors and fill-ins for the provision of that need. As well, commissioned salespeople were focused on a "quick buck" mentality rather than the long-term delivery of a comprehensive, first-rate service package to the commercial client. What was the solution?

Finding ourselves stifled within a flooring industry culture either unwilling or unable to embrace our commitment to change, we realized that we needed to create a radically different type of organization to achieve our goals; an organization not based on top down, autocratic hierarchy, but rather a seamless resource team of management, sales, and installation professionals. The formation of such a team, along with a corporate structure that includes many team members as shareholders, uniquely positions The Carpet Department to provide a service package for our clients that is second to none in any sector.

Through the ensuing years of dedication to the execution and enhancement of our core principles, The Carpet Department has never lost sight of the most important component in our success: our current and future clients. We know we're only as good as our last job, and we are determined to continually meet - and exceed - your expectations of service.


Andy Shears,
Andy Shears